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Tracking Digital FootPrints

The buying journey is no longer a linear path. Instead there are curves, turns and twists throughout various phases of the sales cycle. The good news is that all of this activity creates ‘Digital Footprints”.

Imagine for a moment, if you could follow and understand those footsteps. You would have deeper understanding of who is getting ready to buy before the competition. You could spend your time closing rather than guessing.


Who’s Shopping?

The digital footprints left behind by your B2B buyer create the opportunity to shed light on your potential prospects earlier in the buying cycle. We are able to identify who is shopping for your product or service.

This is an opportunity to identify:

  • companies that are shopping
  • their interests
  • their contact information
  • insights into their decision processes

This means your sales team has the opportunity to reach the prospect much earlier in the buying process. We call this Prospecting Magic!

Who To Contact?

Now that you know which companies are shopping for your product or service, finding Who To Contact is easy! Our B2B Contact data set is one of the largest in the world with over 540 million contacts. You are certain to find the person you need to contact.. And their co-workers!


Who is Interested?

In a world where only about 2 percent of website visitors fill out a website form, you’re missing out on the other 98 percent! That’s the case many businesses are facing when it comes to website traffic.

At Visual Visitor, we’re putting an end to this by offering anonymous website visitor tracking allowing marketers to understand who lands on your website.

When someone visits your site, our technology can record information such as company name, pages viewed, keywords searched, and other relevant information that would not have been available to you without it.

Go beyond basic website analytics and identify your visitors.

Who is Opening my Proposals/Emails?

You’ll never want to send an email without it again. At Visual Visitor, we understand the power of email tracking.

Our technology allows you to have insight into what happens to your email after you hit send. You’ll know when and where it was opened, how long it took to be opened and the number of times it was viewed.

Knowing how your recipient interacts with what you send, enables you to perfect your engagement!

Users can check any time on the Visual Visitor dashboard to see each prospect who’s opened your email. Perfecting your email strategy hasn’t been easier!

Work smarter, not harder, with an email template and tracking solution.


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