What is VisualVisitor?

VisualVisitor turns anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads. Without any registration forms, VisualVisitor identifies who is on your website and what products or services they are interested in. We deliver this information in real-time sales alerts that include your prospect’s phone number and 12 sources of pre-sales research for easy prospect evaluation.

Visual Visitor Tracking

How to Leverage It

Only 2% of website visitors complete contact forms or pick up the phone to call. Use VisualVisitor to reach the other 98%. VisualVisitor is ideal for:

  • Tracking hot prospects
  • Prospecting for new business
  • Tracking competitors
  • Researching what current clients are interested in
  • Researching product or service interest areas prior to contract renewals or RFP submissions
  • Knowing when corporate suitors are checking out your site

Designed for Sales

Real time alerts are vital in sales. A lead gone cold is useful to no one. With VisualVisitor, you will receive up to the minute email alerts each time a prospect is on your site. We even tell you what search engine and term they used to find you. We provide all this with an easy to use, intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to manage your leads. However, you can manage all your prospects without ever logging into the site if you desire. It doesn’t get easier than that.

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