Website Maintenance Program - RADX CorporationIs Your Website Killing Your Business?

In the world of the Internet, a static website is a dead website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements evolve almost every month, as well as your products and services. Plus, those damn competitors are always up to something. How do you keep ahead of your competitive curve?

Simple. And very inexpensive. Rent RADX to become your off-site Webmaster.

We monitor and make those critical SEO adjustments as well as implement the changes, edits and updates you command. We even prompt you for updates – it’s that important to the viability of your website.

We make sure your website stays ahead of your competitive curve.

Why Outsource?

Well, chances are you are using internal resources only on a part-time situation to work on your website on an as-needed basis. Problem is, as-needed is all the time if you are going to stay in front of the competition. Plus, chances are very high those resources you have also have an important full-time job in your organization, have zero SEO experience and are really not that proficient in the latest encoding disciplines, if at all.

If you were to try to resource your own Webmaster, SEO Expert and Designer, you would be spending a lot of money – a lot more than you need to.

Instead, by sharing RADX resources, you get the best resources available at an incredible value. Of prime importance compared to other sources, we are SEO experts. We don’t just keep your website fresh, we keep it smart – with all the tools we build into your site in the first place.

We have a vested interest in your success and work to keep it that way.

While covering a broad range of efforts that vary by website, our Website Maintenance program basically encompasses the following:

  • A complete Tune-Up of your website to bring it up to search engine standards and user-friendliness.
  • Monitoring of your website metrics to make sure your it is getting and keeping the right kind of traffic.
  • Monthly reports of changes and performance.
  • Analysis and restructuring of keywords for performance with search engines.
  • Updating of web pages to conform with details needed by web spiders.
  • Updating of the full array of tags that define your website for the search engines.
  • Monitoring and enticing visits by web spiders.
  • Monitoring of up to 3 of your competitors and their SEO efforts to make sure you stay in competitive position.
  • Placement and support of your site with key directories for which search engines will give your website maximum credit through links – including up to three (3) Index listings.
  • Edits, changes, corrections as required to keep your website info up to date.
  • Redesigns as required to make sure your website stays in competition.
  • Face to face or telephone meetings as required to review overall progress.

How Does It Work!

As simply as we can make it. Programs are on a quarterly or monthly basis, paid in advance. You will be billed at the end of each period for the next period. Discounts are available for annual prepayment.

In addition, the Website Maintenance Program includes our Website Tune-Up, Search Engine Valet Service, Competitive Monitoring Program and Link Building practices.

Contact us for an evaluation.