We help companies create a strong and effective pay-per-click strategy. Our proven techniques increase traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

Keyword Selection

Keyword research is, perhaps, the most critical component of your campaign. Our research helps you identify relevant keywords that will help you reach your target audience and generate more sales. These keywords then inform the rest of the campaign, from ad copy to landing page design.

Ad Groups

Ad groups allow you to create custom ads that target keyword groups. This allows us to build custom ads for your campaign, as opposed to running a single, broad spectrum campaign. With this organized structure, you have a better chance at limiting your unwanted bidding on keywords and ads.

Compelling Ad Copy

Your ads are the first and often the only chance to catch someone’s attention, just a few seconds to get that person thinking about you and what you do. That’s why we employ strong headlines, engaging copy, and a call-to-action to incentivizes users to click on your ad. And we don’t stop there. Multi-variate testing of the copy is employed to make sure your ads are always performing at the highest-level.

Ad-Specific Landing Pages

Landing pages should be designed to match ads’ unique selling propositions, directing your potential customer to specific offer. There, conversion is the ultimate goal. Our design and on-page copy makes sure that your landing page serves its purpose, to give prospects exactly what they’re looking for.