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Did you get your Google Valentine yet?

Maybe a little late but, starting in February, Google has been trying to show you and your website a little love with a very sincere message.

Unfortunately, unless you have a full-time webmaster who has setup your company with a Google Webmaster account, you probably didn’t get it.

If you did get it, it’s a valentine with a pretty strong warning – fix the problems with your website or suffer the consequences in the very near future.

Here is the message:

Google Valentine 2015

Although these are just warnings and they don’t mean a penalty yet, it’s time to understand what makes for a mobile-friendly site and get your website in shape before Google gets more serious about it (before it adds more weight to the mobile-friendliness ranking factor).

Why Is Google Hung Up On Mobile Friendliness?

Over the recent years, it has become obvious that the multi-screen Web will be the future (that is, the average Internet surfer will use several devices to complete a goal). Consider your own experiences – you may surf the web on your desktop, but you are finding more and more that you are using various mobile devices, including your smartphone.

For Google, nearly 50% of all traffic is now mobile. For hundreds of websites we track in the manufacturing sector, the number is approaching 30%. Consider – you may be driving away 1/3 of your potential traffic because your website is not compatible with mobile devices.

And – it’s going to get worse for those ignoring the warning:

  • Google now labels mobile-optimized sites “mobile-friendly” in mobile search engine results.
  • “Mobile-friendly” sites get a slight ranking boost (Google is believed to be testing this now).
  • Google has already said they were ready to downgrade sites misconfigured for smartphones.

All these things add up to you losing position against your competitors who already have made the switch.

Are you wanting to lose ground to your competition?

95% of this whole issue is probably because you do not have someone taking care of your website as the one of the most valuable tools in your marketing toolkit. Mobile compatible or Responsive Website technology is well over three years old. And, many if not most of your competition is already Google approved as responsive to mobile technology.

It’s time for your Company to address this critical issue before Google shows you the penalty for not responding.

Need help? Give us a call to discuss how RADX can not only fix this issue but give you a more powerful website for your marketing efforts, now and in the future.

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